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If retro aesthetics are your style, Club 2000 will offer a stylishly enticing experience. Its unique interface simulates playing an in-person slot machine in a dimly lit 80s-era casino. This feel carries over into the gameplay itself, too, as hitting the flashing start button opens a world of thrills that’s as timeless as it is enticing. For the strategic player, this game offers more than the simple slots and lines you might find in other online slot games.

That’s the game’s appeal, though. In each round, the traditional fruit symbols start rolling, and three in a row is a win. After the slots have stopped, though, you can hold up to two of the symbols and choose heads or tails if you want to gamble. Alternately, you can spin the third slot and try to strike three in a row. No matter how you play the game, you can enjoy hours of entertainment and the potential for a great payout, too.

Return to player: 95.59%.

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The game begins in the aforementioned casino setting, where players can play from a digital console or zoom in to focus only on the screen. The lower portion of the screen displays the slots as well as the heads or tails feature of the game. The upper portion, the club meter, is activated when a winning slot is struck. It displays the symbols on the win line and allows players to finish out the round.

Club 2000 will likely be familiar to anybody who has played a traditional slot machine in a casino. It is more complex than other online slot games, so it may seem overwhelming to beginners, but anybody can get a hang of it after playing a few rounds. The complexity of the game keeps it intriguing and ensure that in addition to potential winnings, players will enjoy the entertainment value, too.


Winnings are earned by striking three in a row on the game’s three lines. Unlike other online slots, there are only three rather than five slots. The result is a different environment for the gameplay, but more importantly, it means winnings are earned differently, too. Like any other slot game, however, a winning combination can be gambled or collected. In order to gamble a winning round, players must choose either heads or tails.

Bets are made in denominations of four coins, and you can bet anywhere from .01 to 10.00 per coin. A winning bet can, in turn, garner you some impressive winnings. Whether you prefer to hold, gamble or collect, Club 2000 offers a thrilling opportunity to test your luck and take advantage of its potential to net you some significant earnings, too.

Club 2000 Zusatzfeatures:

There are plenty of features to keep Club 2000 players enticed and entertained. Its gameplay is different from many other online slots, and perhaps the most obvious evidence of this is the ability to hold symbols before playing another round. This feature, as well as the sound effects and graphics simulating a casino setting, make for a uniquely enjoyable gambling experience that players of all kinds are sure to enjoy.


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