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How to play Copy Cats::

Stroll around the suburbs to the rhythm of classy blues with the stylish cats of the neighbourhood.
They’re an interesting crowd to meet. The Red Cat, walks the streets always trying to charm the lady cats like Pinky, she’s the one with the big eyes and elegant purple bow around her neck. The Blue cat has a bit of an attitude problem, you’ll have to forgive him. We know it’s hard to believe but he is a good guy deep, way deep, down.
Then there’s the Golden Kitten. It’s a little harder to spot it because it loves hiding behind the purple wool ball, but when it does come out, good things are bound to happen.
All the Copy Cats spend the day looking for fishbones in the trash cans, sipping on milk the kind old ladies leave by their doors and running after toy mice – not a bad life at all.
Want to join them? Here’s how it goes.

Wild Symbol:
The Golden Kitten hiding behind the ball of purple wool is your Wild Symbol and will replace every* symbol on your reels to enhance your winning combinations on the 25 paying lines in Copy Cats.
*except for the Bonus symbol
Copy Cats Feature:
When a symbol covers 3 positions on a reel you get what’s called a Stacked symbol. Whenever this happens, or you get a stacked wild on reel 1 during the main game, the Copy Cats Feature is activated.

That’s when the fun starts – all the cat symbols showing up on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5 turn into the same symbol that activated the feature for the duration of that spin.

Winnings: :

You don’t need to meet the Copy Cats themselves to start cashing in on winnings, just finding their orange, pink, green and blue paws will start paying out already.
Then just wait to start hitting the fishbone, milk bottle and toy mouse for better catchings.
Of course, when you meet the charming Red Cat, the elegant Pinky and the Blue Cat with the attitude it’s time for some chunkier wins that will make you purr like a cat.
The jingle bell on the collar symbol is your Bonus symbol. If you land 3 of them anywhere on reels 1, 3 and 5, they will activate 10 free spins for you! What’s more, if you hit the same combination during the free spin round, you get an additional 10!


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