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Dice games are one of the most popular forms of gambling, so it makes sense that a game like Dice Winner would become a popular online game, too. When you play, you will see why so many people enjoy it. The thrill, the potential to win big and the strategy involved are just a few of the attractions that bring players back for more. The colorful di and exciting interface are only part of the appeal.

Whether you roll a winning round or not, you can enjoy the excitement that Dice Winner unfailingly provides. Its traditional aesthetic and unique setup are a winning formula both in terms of gameplay and the ability to strike gold. The game’s lines are configured so that you have the potential not only to win, but to multiple your earnings by winning multiple sets.

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Once you designate the amount you are paying in, you are met with the primary interface of Dice Winner. Its straightforward design and simple structure make it easy for players to understand. Anybody with prior experience playing dice games will likely find it to be second nature, but if you are unfamiliar with such gameplay, it might take a few rounds for you to get a hang of the routine. Players of all experience levels, however, will enjoy the excitement offered.

The game itself starts when players digitally roll dice for each set in the game. There are four total and ten total di that can be rolled. There are five lines in each set that can earn the player winnings, and the more dice that are alike, the higher your winnings will be. If you happen to have a lucky throw, you could see some major rewards rolling your way.


Winning in Dice Winner is simple. The aforementioned ten dice, five lines and four sets offer a number of ways to roll and win. Any set that achieves three alike dice in a row will win, and rolling nine alike dice nets players a 200 point bonus. When three out of the four sets contain winning throws, the winnings are multiples by one and a half. Four winning sets garners winnings that are doubled. It’s easy to see how one good throw could be a jackpot.

Of the ten di, the white one with a red symbol offers a wheel bonus for players to take advantage of. The most lucrative standard di is the white one with a green symbol, which is worth 120 points. The rest of the di range in value from 20 to 60 points. It is worth noting, too, that the value of 100 points is .01, whereas the value of 1,000 points is 1.00.

Dice Winner Zusatzfeatures:

The ability to choose your stake and make multiple rolls in a round makes Dice Winner a favorite for many players. Each reel spins and reveals the symbols, and players can then place the symbols in their sets. This feature is unique and differentiates the game from others. It also make gameplay a uniquely enthralling experience that keeps players intrigued.

Return – to – player: 94.71%.


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