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Travel back to ancient Greece and come face to face with several mythical creatures such as the Medusa, the Phoenix or the Minotaur and take on one of NetEnt’s most exciting video slots complete with Falling Wilds Respins, a Wild on Wild feature, as well as a Free Spins bonus round, along with several legendary treasures, golden coins, and epic jackpots – but more about that later.

Despite its humble paytable, we’re pleased to report that Divine Fortune™ is amongst one of the most exciting casino slots out there – take our word for it. The artwork is beautiful and the theme is simple and classic without trying too hard.

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Divine Fortune enjoys a five-reel by three-row combination that’s pretty standard with several slots these days. This includes 20 paylines that might restrict your slot strategy up to a certain extent, however the three progressive jackpots quickly diverted our attention the other way.

In this case, we’re dealing with a local progressive jackpot which means that its casino specific. This basically implies that the progressive jackpot in Divine Fortune™ inflates depending on how many players actually spin these reels at Quasar Gaming for instance.

On the downside, this jackpot won’t go into millions like its worldwide counterparts, however considering that it starts off at 10,000 coins it could very easily run into hundreds of thousands eventually so don’t underestimate your potential wins.

Apart from that the game also includes two static jackpots that may be triggered by collecting enough golden coins and can trigger between 20 to 100 times your original bet. Of course, none of this ever comes easy, however statistically this jackpot appears to be relatively more attainable than other progressive jackpots found at Quasar Gaming.


The majestic winged Pegasus represents wild symbols on the game that will automatically trigger a free spin whenever it lands on the reels. This process will go on until the wild has moved down to the bottom of the reel and drops off.

Land a second wild and activate the ‘wild on wild’ feature as it expands across all reels making all symbols on that particular reel wild for the next spin.

Keep an eye out for the hand of Zeus symbol brandishing a golden lightening bolt that represents the scatter symbol in Divine Fortune™, land three or more of these on the reels and get rewarded with a wave of free spins that can vary between five or 12 free spins depending on how many scatter features appear on the reels.

Divine Fortune Touch Zusatzfeatures:

The progressive jackpot is probably Divine Fortune’s™ most tempting feature that may be activated by landing three or more of the golden coin symbols along anywhere on the reels.

Every time one of these symbols appears a gem will light up on the urn on the left and will allow you the opportunity of winning up to 200x your steak. Land three or more and the spins will reset while the icons freeze in place. Fill one row with a bonus symbol and you’ve just hit the Minor jackpot, go a step further with two lines to unlock the Major jackpot, and three lines of course will have you jumping for joy as you hit the Divine Fortune™ Mega Jackpot!

Overall, the theoretical RTP is 96,59%!


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