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Are you ready for a truly immersive video slot game with gorgeous sound and animation? Evolution is the answer with its unique spinning action, Wild and Free Spin rewards, and the amazing Evolution feature. Enjoy the underwater setting filled with primordial blobs and interesting prehistoric creatures and use the Evolution feature to advance the creatures on your board and increase your potential payout.

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Evolution combines the traditional slot machine fun of a five-reel, three-row game with the chance to increase your winnings through betting lines. This particular game allows you to bet on 25 different potential winning lines. Before you take the first spin, set your bets by using the left and right arrows to choose the bet level you want. If you’re ready to put it all on the line, use the Max Bet button to quickly set the highest best and largest potential reward. You can also choose the coin value so each coin represents a specific amount of real currency. Once you have all the settings the way you want, use the central spin button to play your first turn. Enjoy the unique twist on traditional slot action as the reels in Evolution spin up rather than down. If you’d rather just enjoy the stunning animation during continuous rounds, use the Auto Play feature to play consecutives spins for you. You can Auto Play up to 1,000 spins and use the Advanced Auto Play features to customize the action to your specifications. For example, you can set Auto Play to stop on each win or when a specific amount of revenue is reached.


Similar to other video slots, the winning in Evolution is based on lining up like symbols in consecutive reels starting from the left. There are both lower and higher level symbols (five of each type) and the unique Evolution feature offers the chance to upgrade your symbols during the course of the game to yield greater payouts. The betting feature can greatly increase your winnings as well. In fact, the number of coins you win on a bet line win is equal to the paytable amount of winning symbols multiplied by the amount of the bet. There are even more chances to win with Wild symbols, which can appear on any of the three reels in the center. Wilds automatically substitute for any other symbols to result in the largest possible win. You can increase your final payout even more during Free Spin rounds, which activate whenever there are three or more Free Spin symbols anywhere on the board.

Evolution Zusatzfeatures:

The truly magical aspect of Evolution is the namesake feature. Every time you win in a Free Spin round, the symbols involved in the win automatically evolve to the next order on the evolutionary scale and subsequently increase the payout potential. It’s not just the specific winning symbols that evolve, but every identical symbol on all the reels. When you activate Evolution, you not only get to enjoy the fun animation as the symbols change, but you can anticipate the larger winnings offer by the advanced order of each symbol.

Return – to – player: 96.32%.


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