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Sail the high seas with ghost pirates at the helm. This game is something completely out of this world. You’ll not believe your eyes as Ghost Pirates invades your screen. It brings spooky to a whole new level. With creepy graphics and a chilling soundtrack, you can really immerse yourself in this game and in the whole idea of sailing around on a ship with a bunch of ghosts. Drama is the key here with sound effects that will get your heart racing and make you feel as if you are stomping across the boards of the ship to look out into the murky waters ahead. Even the fun characters, like Polly, One-eyed Ed, Peggy Rotten and Mad Monkey, help to boost the game’s appeal. With scrolls showing the labels, dripping seaweed framing the slots and torches burning to light your screen, you’ll feel like you are hanging out with a spooky pirate crew aboard their ship. This twist on slots takes the game to a whole new level of play where it quickly becomes about more than just winning and turns into being about having a blast.

Return to player: 96.88%.

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Ghost Pirates is going to look a lot different than you are used to and not just because of the spooky design. The first thing you’ll notice is this game has no bet lines. Instead you are given 243 ways to win on the five reels.  This means you choose the way you want to bet. The more ways you bet, the more chances at winning and the higher pay out possible. Bet all 243 and your winnings can be sizable. To start out your game, you will need to set the bet level and coin value, along with choosing the ways you want to bet. The game starts when you hit the spin button. You have the option of choosing max bet, which will play you at the maximum way and level with whatever coin value you have chosen. It is a fairly straightforward set up. Just click each choice, using arrows to select the coin value and buttons for the ways and levels, and you are all set up. If you want to sit back and relax, hit autoplay and the game keeps moving on its own at the settings you have chosen.


You’ll find the typical wilds and free spins options in this game. Jolly Roger skulls play the part of the wilds and can be used for any symbol. Wild symbols and free spins only show up in reels two and four. There is also a scatter, represented by a treasure chest. It awards free spins based on the way you played. If three or more scatters show up, you can win more free spins. Free spins can win you three times the payout. In order to win, you have to match three symbols or a combination of symbols and wilds. The symbols must be matched by moving left to right and must be consecutive. Also, the first symbol in the combination must be in the first reel.


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