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Have you ever imagined the wonder of living during the time of the Trojans and the famous Helen, daughter of Zeus and most beautiful woman in the land? Those were days filled with wealth and glory that many people only dream of today. The slot game Helena brings those dreams right into your home. This game design boasts a twist on a classic theme that has players hungering for more. How does the game compare to its rivals? It is configured with 5 reels and 10 pay lines. You’ll find it easy to play on your personal computer, mobile device, smartphone or tablet.  The free spins stack for wild bonuses that dramatically increase your winnings. Although, much of the game play is similar to other slots, there are several unique features that will draw you back to Troy time and time again. Take a closer look at some of the exciting aspects of this game.

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You’ll begin with a visit to Helena in her temple where your fate will become twined with the symbols. Those symbols include the familiar 10 to ace cards, a valuable vase, Paris who is the Prince of Troy and Achilles, the story’s hero. Paris and Achilles cards are worth an extra 3,000x if you’re lucky enough to get five in a row. Add to the mix, the wild Helena card who will double your take. There are many combinations that will lead to winning results which keeps the game fresh and exciting. Of course, the fun is increased with scatter and sunrise symbols that lead to free spins that could help you increase your earnings. Completing the theme of ancient Troy is the Trojan horse. Players can bet just a little bit or up their winning potential with larger bets. Just remember that while the stakes are high, the chances of winning are medium to high variance.


Whether you lure Helena to your screen or raise your reward with multiple winning combinations, you’ll enjoy the chance to compete for the favor of Zeus’ daughter. Helena acts as the wild card and the sunrise offers scatter play. Symbols stack and reward cards multiply your winnings. There are plenty of chances to earn free spins, so even if you don’t seem to be winning at first, you may find that you have plenty of time to keep trying.

Helena™ Zusatzfeatures:

This online slot machine game is full of excitement and drama. The potential for enjoyment and reward is matched only by the thrill of risk. A free spin feature might give up an additional 30 free spins, a wild bonus that multiplies your win by 6 and a stacking feature that increases your take-home amount very nicely. Enjoy satisfying details in the graphics, from Helena in her temple to the competing Paris and Achilles. Designed by one of the leading game developers, Helena holds lots of promise for players and has fulfilled those expectations so far. If you’ve ever felt fascination with the ancient city of Troy and its figures of legend, treat yourself to this online slots game.


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