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Pick a slot, any slot. Who knows how much you could win? No matter where on the slot board you start, you’ll go bananas when you play Monkey’s Millions. This fun, popular jackpot game based on the classic slot game setup features five spinning reels that allow you to match three, four or up to five symbols for a payout. Will you hit the jackpot? You don’t know unless you play—and you’ll have hours of wild excitement watching those slots spin!

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This game’s colorful theme will take you straight to the heart of the jungle. When you first select a set of slots, you’re asked for your pay-in amount, the pool of credits from which you’ll keep betting as you play. After that, you’ll see reels loaded with parrots, trees, flowers, bananas, letters constructed from bamboo and the Monkey’s Millions logo. Of course, there’s also that sly-looking winning simian himself as one of the icons you can match. Behind the slots, you’ll see a background of lush, colorful trees and vibrant greenery that completes its look and feel. But that’s not all. The game’s developers clearly put thought into its design even with its sounds, which include ambient jungle noises and the sound of bamboo hitting bamboo when the reels stop spinning. You have the option of remaining in large, full-screen mode, which is the default when you start to play, or pressing the “Esc” button to exit to a smaller screen.

 Playing the game is incredibly simple—you’ll just hit the green “Start” button in the lower right corner of the screen. The color-coded numbers up and down the sides of the slots are your paylines, which indicate what sort of match you’ve gotten if you win. The multiple active paylines allow you to win in many different combinations of payouts per spin. The paytable, revealed by clicking the “paytable” button, reveals what you could win. The Wild icon, which looks like a rafflesia flower, might double or even triple your potential winnings. With the good odds of receiving a payout per spin, it’s easy to engross yourself in play…and keep trying for that jackpot!


As you spin, each nonwinning instance deducts a small amount from your initial pay-in, while each win adds back into your pay-in. Each time you win, you have the option of gambling it for bigger potential earning. When you press the yellow “Gamble” button, you’re presented with another screen on which you can press a “Red” button or a “Black” button to guess the color of the suit of a playing card that will be randomly drawn. If you guess the correct color, you’ll be allowed another opportunity to gamble again, and you can keep gambling until you make an incorrect guess.

There’s also the opportunity to win a higher multiplier that will increase the payout on your next bet. If you match at least three parrots on a spin, you’ll get to “pick a parrot.” A series of the colorful tropical birds fly across the screen, and you’ll click on one to reveal your multiplier factor.


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