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Return to the age of kings and queens and chivalrous knights in Robin Hood: Shifting Riches, a video slot game from Net Entertainment. You’ll travel to the edge of Sherwood Forest, where Robin and his band of merry men live and plot to steal from the rich and give to the poor. An introductory clip gives players a vision of a slow-motion battle between the merry men and heavily armed guards escorting a treasure chest through the forest. Robin attacks and wins, of course, running off with the riches, which he redistributes to the poor in the village as Friar Tuck raises a flagon of ale in honor of the heroics. Fade to a background of the forest in autumn with a view of the village and you’re ready to go with a slot game based on the same story. Slot symbol graphics echo the period, featuring Robin, King John, Big John, Friar Tuck and an armored knight.

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Robin Hood: Shifting Riches has five reels and three rows with 20 betting lines. You can bet at 10 different levels on each line and have multiple wins that are all added to the total for that spin. If you get multiple wins on the same betting line, only the highest win will be paid. With top-notch graphics, this game is fun even when you’re not spinning. Keep an eye on the symbols and enjoy the antics when they are part of a winning line: Friar Tuck pops out of his square to salute you with his flagon of ale, Robin Hood pops out to shoot arrows from his sling and the knight pops out to look ahead, then calls two more knights to help and all three of them pop out to peer around.


Any win on a betting line launches the shifting reels feature, with reels shifting one position to the right and new reels coming on to the left until all wins end. If your luck holds, you will get more chances to win by reaching a multiplier of up to five times the amount. When that happens, all following shifts will include the multiplier until all wins end. During shifting reels, wild symbols are replaced by money bags, which will lead you into another level of winning with free spins. For every four money bags you collect in the treasure chests below the reels, you will receive 10 free spins and shifting reels also occur in free spins, so your chances to win increase even more. Free spins are randomly selected and represented by one of the main characters.

Robin Hood Zusatzfeatures:

This game extends the Robin Hood story to players by giving the less fortunate a little help here and there. If your luck is bad during the main game and you don’t trigger the shifting reels feature, Robin Hood will collect bags of money for you. Should you not amass money bags at a fair rate, he’ll safeguard  whatever you have collected in the treasure chest for up to one year, so you don’t have to start over from scratch every time.


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