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Are you tired of the boring old slot machines of yesteryear? Have you been searching for an exciting new option? No need to get stuck in reel after reel of fruit and card symbols. Instead, Sea Beauty transports you into the exotic world of the deep seas. While you may have encountered this underwater setting in cartoonish games that follow Dory or Aerial, this game provides a more adult sea setting that transports you into a seductive lost world that alludes to the beautiful realm of Atlantis. The alluring setting offers extensive audiovisual entertainment adding to the experience of play. To top it all off, this game offers the potential for high payouts, which exceed many older slot games. No need to have extensive experience to learn this slot, as the simple platform makes this a great game for experienced and novice players alike. Below are a few basics on the game to help you get started.

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This newly developed game offers extensive and exciting graphics that surpass many of the games currently on the market. The engaging mermaid graphics will help keep you engaged as you play, and the mermaid is there to help you reveal the hidden treasures of the sea. However, don’t let these graphics and details fool you, as the game reveals a simple slot platform that can be easily followed. The five reels and ten pay lines make this easier to navigate than other games with a greater number of pay lines. As with most machines, you will start by setting your coin amount. After establishing your funds, you will then select bets on each of the adjustable pay lines. When you are all set, you simply need to hit start to begin and watch the reels rapidly spin to reveal symbols.


If any of the pay lines possess sequences of two to five symbols, you will receive a payout. Your rewards will vary on the number of matching symbols. If you do not have matches, you will have the opportunity to spin again. The excitement starts when you trigger the seven available free spins. If three scatter symbols present themselves anywhere on the reels during a spin, you will receive seven free spins. These will appear as the sea beauty logo. While this may seem like a limited number of free spins, this mode also triggers the sea beauty bonus feature. At this point, mermaids may be spotted. If a mermaid symbol appears, it expands to two random adjacent reels. Additionally, she serves as a wild symbol, which can take the place of most other symbols. As such, she can help create larger matching combinations. The wild symbol cannot replace scatter symbols. However, the appearance of scatter symbols can result in further free spins again increasing the odds of winning combinations. At this point, you can win five to seven additional free rounds. While the opportunities for free spins may be limited, the potential for major payouts resulting from wild card combinations offer major payouts and extensive excitement. The engaging graphics and big wins make this one of the most exciting games on the market.


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