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Bright colors and fun-filled, animated characters make up Spinata Grande, a festive slots game that features five reels, four rows and 40 lines for you to earn possible winnings. Candy and confetti are just some of the fun items that make this Mexican piñata-themed game so much fun. Enjoy animated bulls, smiling purple donkeys and even a mustache- and sombrero-wearing blue fish as you spin your way to winnings in this video slots game. Checking out the adorable graphics is almost as much fun as pressing the spin button and seeing what you win.

(Return to player: 96.84%)

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As a new player, you begin Spinata Grande with 250,000 coins. Each game is played with 40 fixed bet lines. You choose between 1 and 10 bet levels with each level being worth 20 coins. If you wish, you can press the max bet button for a chance at higher winnings. You can also choose autoplay if you wish the game to spin for you. During autoplay, you cannot change your bet amount until your chosen number of auto spins are complete. The exception is if you do not have enough coins to complete a spin at your current bet level. In this case, the game defaults back to manual play so you can change your bet. Most players choose to bet small in the beginning until they get a feel for the game. As you begin to earn more coins, you can raise the stakes and see how you fare against the big fish.


A bet line is considered winning if you spin at least three symbols of the same type in order from left to right on a bet line. If you win more than one way on the same line, the game pays out the winnings that earn you the most. If you win on more than one line in the same spin, Spinata Grande totals your winnings. Red bulls are the highest paying animal symbol and the letter A is the highest paying letter symbol. Scatter symbols pay out regardless of where they fall in the spin. Remember, the more you bet, the more coins you earn on a winning spin.

Spinata Grande Touch Zusatzfeatures:

Spinata Grande offers several special features during game play. During the main game, symbols may appear as a colossal version that covers a 2×2 or 3×3 area. When you spin colossal symbols, you activate a mini-slot game. The colossal symbol turns into 3, 6 or 9 mini-slot symbols, depending on how much of the bonus symbol is visible. You also have the option of spinning free spins or wild symbols. Spinning three free spin symbols earns you a total of five free spins. You win an additional free spin for any additional symbol. If you are already in the mini-slots game, each free spin symbol earns one free spin, regardless of how may you spun total. In addition, the mini-slots game may spin a colossal wild, which provides even more earnings. Wild symbols can be used in place of any other symbol except for colossal bonuses.


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