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If you like to consider yourself as having a green thumb, then you should find a slot game that allows you to reconnect with nature. Spring Queen is an exhilarating slot game that has various natured-themed symbols throughout the reels. This is an incredibly well-designed game. Everything complements the overall theme incredibly well. Even the basic slot symbols of 9, 10, J, Q and K have a certain flair to them that make them look straight out of an old Celtic book. The concept behind this game is that the Spring Queen is a mystical fairy who overlooks everything in nature, and she can even appear during gameplay to give you a much bigger payout.

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Before you get spinning, you need to decide how many paylines you want to play with and how much you want to bet with. At the bottom of the screen, you will find the features that allow you to alter how much you bet with. You can increase or decrease the number of paylines you want in play. You can only decrease or increase in increments of five, but the lowest payline you can have active is one while the maximum is 40. You can also change the bet value to go as high as one credit. Once you are happy, you can click the “Start” button to make the reels spin. If you do not want to constantly press the start button all the time, you can select “Autoplay” in order to spin continuously, and if you get tired of that, you can simply click “Stop” to play normally again.


The basic way to win in Spring Queen is the same way to win in other slot games. The lowest paying symbols are 9, 10, J and Q. The symbols of K and A pay slightly higher. The highest winning symbols are the peacock, horse, jaguar and the Spring Queen herself. After a win, you will have the choice to gamble your winnings. It is up to you to pick whether a card is going to end up being black or red. Guessing correctly means that your winnings are doubled while guessing incorrectly means you lose all you would have won.

Spring Queen Zusatzfeatures:

The main feature in Spring Queen that sets it apart from everything else is the Spring Queen Bonus. The Scatter symbol in this slot game is the pearl. You need to get at least three to appear anywhere on the board in order to activate the Spring Queen Bonus. This bonus round provides you with 10 free spins as well as an upgrade feature. A frame appears in the center of the paytable, and if you manage to get the peacock, horse or jaguar in the frame, then you get some great bonuses. For example, if you get the peacock in the frame, then the payout upgrades to what you would have gotten with the horse. You are also provided with additional free spins if you get the animals inside the frame. With great bonuses and a fun design, Spring Queen is a slot game that will instantly hook you.


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