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Based on a fairytale, The Wish Master provides you with a visual treat from the moment the game opens. The jewel-toned colors and otherworldly symbols are beautiful yet still manage to give off the magical vibe that the story demands. A golden genie lamp sits quietly in the lower right corner until something triggers it to life, but you will learn more about that later. The background music immediately takes you to a place where unexpected things happen to everyday people. It almost boosts your confidence as you play because it makes you feel like you can reach any goal and tackle any challenge. As the reels spin, watch as the symbols align to pour riches upon you.

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This game makes it simple to get things set up so you can get started playing and winning some cash. You have to choose your bet level and coin value. Both can be done by clicking the arrows or sliding the slider. The bet lines are fixed, so all that is left after setting your level and value is to spin. Clicking the coin button sets the reels in motion. You can click the max bet button to play automatically at your chosen coin value and the maximum bet level. There is also an autoplay option, which can be activated by clicking the autoplay button on the left side of the spin button. When you click autoplay, a window pops up to ask you how many rounds you want to automatically play for you. Choose the rounds and the spins start going right away.


The Wish Master has five reels with three rows. There are 20 fixed bet lines. The maximum you can win is 900,000 coins. You need to match three symbols going left to right to get a win. You can only win once on each bet line. The highest win is awarded. However, you can win on multiple bet lines in one spin. If you wish hard enough, your dreams can come true and allow you to win big in this amazing game.

The Wish Master Zusatzfeatures:

Your chances of winning greatly improve with the wonderful features available in this game. Scatter symbols work a little differently than you may be used to. You just need to see one scatter symbol show up. When it does, the lamp in the corner–remember it from earlier–will spring to life. The genie will emerge and introduce a special feature and ten free spins. Special features include a reel filled with wild symbols, multipliers of two or three, replacement of one or two symbols with a wild, two floating wilds or expanding wilds. The feature that the genie chooses randomly will remain in play for all ten free spins. You’ll know what feature is activated because it will show up in the upper right corner of the screen. There can be three features active at one time. Of course, having a scatter show up almost guarantees some great gameplay. You’ll love to watch as your winnings add up thanks to the special features. You’ll constantly be hoping the genie will pay you a visit and grant all your wishes.


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