Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune

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Description of Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune:

With bright graphics and fun sound effects, Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune™ is a great slot to play that will transport you back to your childhood. Every time you take the reels for a spin, it is going to sound as though you are on a wicked rollercoaster. If you are ready to take a trip through memory lane, then you should give this video slot a try.

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If you want to get started with Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune™, then it is going to be similar to most other slots.  You are able to change the bet level so that it lies anywhere between one and 10. You also have a choice as to what the coin value is going to be for each spin, and you can select a coin value between 0.01 and 1.00. Once you are happy with all your values, you are ready to spin the reels. Various circus-themed symbols are on the table, and each one correlates to a different payout value. You can go to the informational menu to see what values are assigned to each icon.


There is the basic way to win in Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune™. 25 pay lines are always active, and if you get a minimum of three identical symbols on the same line, then you receive a payout. However, there are additional aspects of the basic gameplay to be aware of. You can end up getting a Stacked Wild. This is when Wild symbols take up one, two or three spaces on a single reel. It can then be used to fill in for any other symbol. However, if a Wild could technically be used as more than one icon to result in a payout, then it will take the form of the symbol that will give you the highest amount. The Wild cannot be used as a Scatter or Claw symbol. Now you might be wondering what the Claw means. This symbol can only appear on the fifth reel, and when you get it, a claw comes down over the screen and picks up a toy. You are then awarded with a coin win.

Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune Zusatzfeatures:

Perhaps the most unique feature Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune™ has to offer is the Theme Park Ticket Game. You need to get three Scatter symbols anywhere on the third, fourth and fifth reels. You will be taken to a special screen featuring a prize wheel. You are given three spins, and each time you spin, you are given a certain number of tickets. Once you have used up all your spins, you can play some carnival games. There are six bonus games you can choose from, but each one requires a different number of tickets in order to play. The games you have to pick from include Punchbag, Sledgehammer, Can Tower, Skee Ball, Fishing and Duck Shoot. All of these result in winnings, so pick whatever you think is most fun. There are so many ways to win with this game it will feel as though you are actually at the circus minus the constant aroma of cotton candy.

Return – to – player: 96.52%.


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