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Set against a backdrop of a marching Roman soldier drumline, an occasional metallic sound of a clanging gongs accents Victorious as you immerse yourself in the game. The gladiator game is powered by NetEnt and offers you 243 ways to win. The soldiers wear helmets brandishing poles along the game’s edges that are embellished with the number 243 and Golden Eagles, representing the multiple bet ways for you to score big! This five-reel, high-variance video slot has the potential to pay out very generously with a RTP of 96.88%. If you’re looking for 243 bet ways to win big and don’t care if it to appears on the first or the 15th spin, Victorious is the slot game for you! Experience all the sights and sounds of a mighty Roman army of gladiators marching into victory.

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Strap on your helmet, ready your sword, pick up your shield, and prepare to advance with the army into an epic battle! This slot game automatically activates the 243 win feature, which creates every possible pay line across multiple reels. Five scatters award 25 free spins, and four scatters get you 20 free spins. All wins include a triple multiplier, and depending on your bet, you’ll earn five to 50 times the amount by activating the Free Spins feature. The traditional reel symbols in play during the game are all based on the bloody ancient Roman fighting sport of the gladiators, with values of nine, 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace depicting the lower-value symbols represented as golden Roman-style figures standing on marble slabs. Four higher-value symbols of various Roman men include the emperor, a centurion in golden armor, a charging warrior in silver armor, and an army of Roman soldiers charging toward you.


There are multiple ways to win with the Golden Wreath scatter and Eagle Wild symbols. The expected long-term payout rate of this slot is over 96 percent, which is considerably higher than games found in land-based casinos. You’ll get lucky when you score a Golden Eagle symbol because you can use it as a substitute for each symbol in the free spins feature and the main game. Three or more Golden Wreath symbols on any reel triggers the Free Spins feature alongside a battlefield of mighty gladiators. The stakes on Victorious are adjustable, and the slot comes with a generous jackpot of 1,500 coins when you land all five Emperor symbols on reels connected from left to right. Choose a key to pop a lock and increase the value of the amount you gamble.

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This classic game based on the Roman Empire features figures representing the entire Roman army and stars a marching phalanx, laurel wreath, and emperor icons. The graphics are reminiscent of new-age comic books, and Victorious is a slot that’s hard to beat. Victorious has an impressive touch platform that is fully compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices and Mac, Linux, and Windows operating systems. Celebrate a victory each time you play Victorious from NetEnt. The jackpot is there for the taking, but you can’t win if you don’t play!


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