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Game Description:

The ever so fascinating world of Ancient Egypt comes back with Book of Ra Deluxe Bingo.  Quasar Gaming has taken the highly-acclaimed slot and combined it with the popular and traditional game of Bingo – leading to a genius slot-bingo mix, bringing together the best of both worlds, pleasing players all around the spectrum.

Dying to enter the mysterious land of the Pharaohs? Pick any talisman you like – the dreamcatcher, the dice, the yin yang, the horseshoe, the clover – take your pick and let the magic happen.

Game Start:

Placed right between the holographic walls and the majestic columns, you will be presented with 4 bingo cards.  Your aim is to get a winning pattern combination from the 30 regular balls that roll out when you press the Play button.  If you like the rhythm to quicken up for you, just press the Fast Forward button instead.  The numbers will roll out faster and you’ll know your outcome in no time.

Before the game starts, you are even given the option of changing the numbers on your cards.  You have 2 options – press on the shuffle button at the bottom to swap the numbers on all of your cards, or click on the centre of a specific card to only change the numbers on that single one.

At any point you can press the +/- buttons at the bottom to increase or reduce the number of bingo cards – remember the more cards you have, the bigger the chances of landing winning combinations.


Every time the 30 regular ball draw comes out, the game will automatically mark your matching numbers with a black background.

When your highlighted numbers match any of the winning patterns showing at the top of your screen, the background of the numbers making the pattern will turn orange instead.

A flashing yellow highlight means that’s the only number you are missing to complete a winning pattern.

After the regular 30-ball draw, Book of Ra Deluxe Bingo, gives you the option of buying an extra 11 balls whenever a potential win value of 40 times your stake is hit.  Simply click on ‘Extra Ball’ or on any question mark in the golden script book that opens up for you when this happens!


Pharaoh feature and the Jackpot:

At random, a Joker ball can appear for you, depicting a spinning Pharaoh, giving you the possibility of clicking on any number you want on your cards.  Remember the winning patterns missing only 1 number are highlighted in a flashing yellow colour – the Pharaoh lets you take your pick on what number you want to draw – hint, hint.

If you hit one of the 2 bonus winning patterns on a card, you’re in for a mega treat – the bonus game of Book of Ra Deluxe.  Depending on which of the 2 you get, you will get 5 to 10 paying lines, a randomly selected bonus symbol and the Book of Ra Scatter.

All amazing right? But wait for it – the best is yet to come.  If all your numbers on a single card are drawn in the first 30 ball draw –the jackpot is yours!

Enjoy your journey to this numerical mystic world!

 RTP: 96.5%


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