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If you want a fun, lighthearted take on traditional video bingo, Catch a Fish from Quasar Gaming is just the thing. Bright colors, enjoyable music and sound effects, and easy play make this game a great choice. The entire game is played over a whimsical backdrop featuring a young fisherman and several tropical fish. You can control how many cards you use and the amount of your bet, and take advantage of a few bonus options to increase the potential amount of your winnings.

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Catch a Fish offers you the chance to play virtual bingo with up to four different cards. Before starting, you’ll choose your pay-in amount, up to 500 credits, which you’ll use to make bets for each round of 30 numbered balls. Just like in normal bingo, the goal is to match lines of numbers in any card. You can select the cards you want to enable or disable by using the On/Off button on each of the four available cards. Once you have chosen your cards, it’s time to decide on your betting options. Use the + and – buttons near the bottom of the screen to choose the amount you want to bet per card. The total bet field updates automatically. You can also use the Change Card button to get a new set of cards if desired. Once you have your cards and bet amount set up, it’s time to play. There are three options for playing each round. Using the Start button lets you watch the smooth animation of every numbered ball roll in so you can check it against your cards. The Turbo-Space Bar speeds up the process so the balls and numbers populate more quickly. There is also an Autoplay option which will automatically play continuous rounds until all funds are exhausted or you use the Stop button to quit.


There are several ways to win significant prizes in Catch a Fish. You win when you achieve bingo on one or two lines in any card. The game automatically highlights all the matching numbers on the cards based on the balls drawn in each round. You can also win by completing one of the many Bonus patterns. This occurs when matching numbers form a pattern other than a straight line on the card. You can see all the possible Bonus patterns along the top of the screen. Completely covering a card without using any extra balls earns the Jackpot.

Catch a Fish Zusatzfeatures:

The Catch a Fish game includes several additional features that increase the fun and potential payout amounts. The Bonus patterns offer additional games and prizes. When a Bonus pattern occurs, you immediately play a Bonus game to try to match three prizes to earn the payout.


There are also extra balls available that can be used to try to complete a bingo pattern. After every round with 30 balls, you’ll be able to see any winning lines and any lines that are one number short of a win. In this case, you’ll have the option to bet a small amount to get a extra ball. There are a total of 13 extra balls available to be used at your discretion.


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