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Lottery slot games are your opportunity to win big, and Star Lotto has a fun aesthetic and great prizes. The mascot for this particular game is an adorable little robot, so you can keep spinning until you reach the stars. This is not your standard slot machine online game, so if you are looking for something a little different from the pack, then this is right up your alley.

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The way to get started with this game is to select your numbers. This is similar to playing the real lottery, and you will find your number selection at the bottom of the screen. If you have specific numbers you like to play with, then you can hit the up and down arrows on each individual number until you are happy. The lever on the right side of your numbers automatically makes each number go up by one. That means if you hit that lever when all the numbers are at zero, then selecting it will bring them all up to one. There is also a lever on the left side. This one randomly selects your numbers. That means if you are not picky about the numbers you play with, that simply hit that and get spinning. You also have a choice of how much you want to bet. You can increase the amount to go all the way up to 10 credits. In case you just want to keep spinning with the same lotto numbers, then select the “Autoplay” option.


There are four reels that can be in play at any given time. However, you can decrease that amount by clicking the “X” that is located at the upper right-hand corner of the reel. Decreasing the number of reels in play also decreases the overall jackpot amount. There are three different ways to get a payout in this slot game. There is the “First” win. This is when your numbers match up with the reels exactly in order. There is also a “Random Locations” option where the numbers you picked appear on the reels albeit in a different order than what you selected. Finally, there is a “Matching Numbers” win. You need to get four of your numbers of the reels in order to get this. Once this is activated, the remaining two reels will spin again in an effort to get you a match for all six of your picks. There is also the progressive jackpot, which is won randomly. You never know if you might get it and receive a huge payout.

Star Lotto Zusatzfeatures:

You will see a slider at the bottom of the reels. This slider affects how quickly the gameplay goes, so if you take it all the way to the right, then the reels will spin rapidly. If you move it all the way to the left, then the gameplay will slow down. One feature to keep an eye out for is the star located throughout the reels. This essentially serves as a Wild and can count toward any number you have selected. See if luck is in your favor and take Star Lotto for a spin.


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